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12bit club

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Taizou Hori's collection of websites exploring some of the more obscure sides of gaming history; including unlicensed and bootleg games, plug 'n' plays, and bits of handheld history. Includes the Game Boy ROM dumping and emulation project Handheld Underground (home of the "hhugboy" emulator), the Super Multi blog, and more!

adventures on the lonely frontier


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Ramona is a digital artist, designer and developer (among many other exaggerated titles) with a penchant for the off-beat and the dreamlike. She also specializes in long-form personal essays on video games, with a look at their politics and emotional impact. In addition, if you're into mods, ROM hacks, and miscellaneous game creations, this is probably a good place to check out.


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If bizarre and oddly specific skateboarding video game mods and wrestling game character downloads are your thing, Sasha is your gal! Of course, if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there's also some fiction writing on the side as well; and hopefully in the near future, some retrospectives on oddball video games (particularly of the 'kusoge' and 'deceased / shutdown / failed games' genre). And she occasionally plays fighting games too! She's practically a Jill of all trades!

Bad Game Hall of Fame

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The Bad Game Hall of Fame is dedicated to giving "bad" games and hardware the due process they deserve. Through examining their history, reviewing their contents, and measuring their impact, we hope to bring about a better understanding of these oft-dismissed products. Along the way, we'd like to give readers a better understanding of how the games industry operates, and the pressure put on game developers to deliver these products in [often] short order.

Gaming Hell


Gaming Hell has only two objectives: To entertain and inform its readership! Join Ant Cooke as they review their way through the depths of gaming obscurity, archiving some truly fascinating titles in the process. Coverage comes in the forms of content summaries, full playthroughs, in-depth guides, short-form reviews, and somehow much more beyond that! The website celebrates it's 10th birthday in 2018, and we invite you to enjoy a decade's worth of accumulated games coverage and musings.

The Gaming Muse

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The Gaming Muse is a writer and gamer obsessed with horror. They run a gaming YouTube channel where they post research into the symbolism and storytelling of games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, as well as weekly streaming and published books.


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Morgan is a Brazilian-born illustrator with a passion for retro games, and the desire to discuss the finer points of classic game design. You can expect praising-yet-pointed analysis of franchises spanning across all genres, though her love for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise makes it something like a staple subject in her works.

Paphvul's Lair


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Critical video game analysis and musings on the state of a parallel universe, as seen through the eyes of a goofy fat gay dragon! If you like your gaming and pop-culture essays with a side of urban sci-fantasy xenofiction, consider stepping into Paphvul's Lair.


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Amr is an artist currently dabbling in multiple different mediums; including writing, illustration, video production, and even game development. You may have seen their work across various games writing sites, as part of their pursuit to get paid for increasingly absurd essays on Sonic the Hedgehog. Whether your interests lay in art history, competitive fighters, frantic shoot-em-ups, or deep dives for hidden gems -- you may well find yourself drawn to their broad portfolio.

You Found a Secret Area!

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B.J. Brown's You Found a Secret Area is a blog all about the obscure, the odd, the unknown, and other miscellanea in the world of video games. Expect regular wading into the depths of the budget games market, with a particular penchant for forgotten first-person shooters.