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adventures on the lonely frontier

(ADULT CONTENT WARNING: 18+ ONLY) | Tumblr | Twitch | Twitter

Ramona is a digital artist, designer and developer (among many other exaggerated titles) with a penchant for the off-beat and the dreamlike. She also specializes in long-form personal essays on video games, with a look at their politics and emotional impact. In addition, if you're into mods, ROM hacks, and miscellaneous game creations, this is probably a good place to check out.

Bad Game Hall of Fame
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The Bad Game Hall of Fame is dedicated to giving "bad" games and hardware the due process they deserve. Through examining their history, reviewing their contents, and measuring their impact, we hope to bring about a better understanding of these oft-dismissed products. Along the way, we'd like to give readers a better understanding of how the games industry operates, and the pressure put on game developers to deliver these products in [often] short order.


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Do you worry that contemporary games coverage is too focused? Do you think that sometimes people describe games with metaphors that make too much sense? Curly is a non-binary video essayist trying to determine how videogames can be good and bad at the same time. If you've ever spent more time thinking about playing a videogame than actually playing it, this might be the channel for you.

The Gaming Muse
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The Gaming Muse is a writer and gamer obsessed with horror. They run a gaming YouTube channel where they post research into the symbolism and storytelling of games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, as well as weekly streaming and published books.



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As a lover of shoot'em ups, character action games, good'n'bad horror stuff, and everything in-between - partnered with a focus on constant uptime - Lydia's got you covered! Be warned: She's also got a deep affinity for gimmicky Treasure titles, the surreal software of Suda51, and all things "Smokin' Sick"-stylish. Feel free to swing by and recommend games for her to play, as she'll probably check'em out live on stream just for ya'!


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Hazel is a video editor, musician, podcaster and writer living in California. Her work focuses on niche and underrated titles, bringing light to games that are often overlooked, as well as the intersection of games and queerness. Alyssa is an animator / illustrator, who shares her girlfriend's passion for video game obscurity. Together, they form Hazelyssa: A dynamic duo dedicated to covering all manner of fascinating video games!

JP Ronny

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JP Ronny is a streamer whose focus lies in the obscure, the bad, and the bootleg sides of video games: From hacked-together multicarts to hastily-assembled licensed fare, and everything in-between. Join them as they unearth some of the most curious, quickly-forgotten entries in games history!

Luka Ètoile
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Luka Ètoile is a trans video editor, let's player, and occasional games writer currently living in the Canadian midwest! If frequent videos covering neat indie games, articles discussing pressing game-related questions [like "which games actually deserve my support?"], and the occasional video essay covering wildly disparate topics seem up your alley; come check it all out!

MadLobotanist | Twitch | Twitter

Hi, I'm Cassidy (she/her)! I'm a Trans game developer, podcaster, occasional art maker, streamer, and probably a few other things I've neglected to mention! One time I got the voice of Velma from Scooby-Doo to say "Trans Rights!" I try to keep my spaces friendly and fun, so check my stuff out if you need to get away from it all.

Melly Melee
Tumblr | Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

Adventures in video game modding and general tomfoolery, as presented by darling hostess Melly! With a focus on fighting games and penchant for professional wrestling titles, you can expect to see dream matches come true on a daily basis, as well as the manic mashup matches you never knew you needed to see.

Mogs & Junebug

Mogs' Twitch | Mogs' Twitter
Junebug's Twitch | Junebug's Twitter

We're Mogs and Junebug; a pair of trans girlfriends tag-team streaming on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! During the day, we indulge in our mutual love of games ranging from "very good" to "very bad" (which are also very good). But when night falls, we crack open our treasure trove of terror: Mogs' Spooky Stash -- a horror games stream for both lovers and curious onlookers of the genre, who prefer a more calm and relaxed atmosfear.


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Morgan is a Brazilian-born illustrator with a passion for retro games, and the desire to discuss the finer points of classic game design. You can expect praising-yet-pointed analysis of franchises spanning across all genres, though her love for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise makes it something like a staple subject in her works.


Twitch | Twitter

From RPGs to platformers, and everything in-between: Viv's got streaming content coming at you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 PM (EST)! Come for the gameplay, stay for the awful jokes.



Steam Publisher Page | Twitter | Twitch | Patreon

If you like your visual novels hella gay, and like your stories to be written by a member of the community that understands the nuance and realities of being LGBTQ, then NewWestGames is right up your street! In addition to making cute games, Katie of NWG often streams on Twitch, speedrunning Shenmue or developing her games live.

Retro Chaos

Twitch | Twitter | YouTube | Extra Life | Patreon

French Canadian trans retro gamer with a chaotic positiveness (she / her / them / their) and Buddhist. Retro Chaos is about variety streaming (EN) with some speedrun in mind. The Long Dark is the only modern game I play. My objective is to raise money for Opération Enfant Soleil in Quebec as an Extra Life member. I hope my stream may offer a place were people can feel at home. I focus my comments on the games but you are welcome to ask me anything. Embrace the chaos!

Retro Pals
Twitch | Twitter | YouTube | Patreon

Danny and Alex - AKA the Retro Pals - enjoy sharing weird video games, ranking mascot platformers, and the Sega CD. They stream every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Twitch. They are also currently producing a chronogaming series, entitled "PlayStation Year One. Their streams and videos are supported by viewers like you. Yes, YOU! If you want to vote on their streams and see new episodes early, check them out on Patreon!

Siegarettes | Deorbital.Media
Twitter | Medium | Tumblr | Twitch | YouTube | Patreon

Amr is an artist currently dabbling in multiple different mediums; including writing, illustration, video production, and even game development. You may have seen their work across various games writing sites, as part of their pursuit to get paid for increasingly absurd essays on Sonic the Hedgehog. Whether your interests lay in art history, competitive fighters, frantic shoot-em-ups, or deep dives for hidden gems -- you may well find yourself drawn to their broad portfolio.


Twitch | Twitter | Patreon

LGBT positive fighting game focused streams! Tia is a fledgling fighter, trying to learn too many fighting games at once! Tune in every week to watch, learn along, and join in! And maybe, we'll take a break for some other games too... Also, be sure to check out TRANS FIGHTS!!, our fighting game Discord!

We Thought About Games

Tumblr | Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

If you love deep dives into games, but want a perspective that can't be provided by the book club format, We Thought About Games might be just what you're after. Join Sid and his guests as they take a second, deeper look into games they played simply because they wanted to. Tune in for a combination of serious analysis, personal anecdotes, and some good-natured ribbing of games that you may have heard of, for longer than you probably expected.

Word on the Wind

Twitch | Twitter | Patreon

Word on the Wind is a Hardcore Gaming 101 contributor, 'Top 47K Podcast' regular, and casual streamer; who places a priority on interactions with her audience. Capable of conjuring games both classic and modern, she will fulfill the game-playing desires of her captive viewers... so long as her computer is actually capable of running them.


Twitch | Twitter

Alice is a retro speedrunner by trade, but a oddity variety streamer at heart. They are a top runner of Jackal on the NES, and have shown off everything from as modern as the PS3 to as old as the TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer. Between casual suggestion-based streams, showcases, speedruns, and chat-focused events, there's always something happening for you to join in on.

You Found a Secret Area!
Twitter | YouTube

B.J. Brown's You Found a Secret Area is a blog all about the obscure, the odd, the unknown, and other miscellanea in the world of video games. Expect regular wading into the depths of the budget games market, with a particular penchant for forgotten first-person shooters.